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Asset protection tips

  1. Try to establish asset protection structures in an ordered rather than unplanned manner. It is advisable to consider structures which will stand the test of time. In this respect, it is not worth adopting solutions for 1-2 years, even if these may appear to be considerably cheaper.

  2. When establishing an asset protection structure, risk should be minimised. For example, it is not advisable to place assets which may be at risk in a company which already holds the shares of a project company which owns real estate. In the event of a court case arising form a commercial dispute, even the property could be lost. It is worth establishing separate companies for transactions or business ventures which may be considered risky. Only risk-free structures should be used for asset protection purposes.

  3. A structure which allows the most types of assets to be placed should be established. The structure should also be easy to manage and provide the most convenient solution.

  4. The vehicle established is worthless, if we do not have the right people around us who can step in if necessary and initiate the right proceedings. For example, there is no point establishing the most perfect Trust or Foundation, only to then keep all the related documents in a safe which nobody knows about. It is important, therefore, to have people around you who know your business and personal affairs, and who, under certain circumstances, are able to intervene, producing documents and informing banks, asset managers, lawyers etc. Without such people, even the most perfect structures for asset protection are unable to function.