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How to order a company from LAVECO Ltd
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Main information on the bank
Country of registration, number of branches: Cyprus and Tanzania. The bank has a representative office in Moscow and a sister bank in Lebanon.
Year of foundation: 1982
Main shareholders: Private individuals
Information on the opening of accounts, main features of accounts
Type of account: Current account (corporate and individual)
Documents required for the opening of accounts: Corporate accounts: certified copies of the incorporation documents of the company, certified copies of passports of directors, signatories and beneficiaries, bank reference letters and proof of residential address of directors, beneficiaries and signatories. For companies more than 1 year old a Certificate of Good Standing is required.
Individual accounts: bank reference letter, certified copy of passport, proof of residential address.
Time required for the opening of accounts: One week, provided all the information and documents requested are available. The account will be activated immediately upon receipt of the first incoming payment.
Restrictions on the opening of accounts: No restrictions
Personal appearance of signatories required: Not required
Minimum balance required in the account: No minimum required
Methods of making payments: Through Internet, by fax, by post, personally
Internet banking: Available. Charges: 5 USD/month
Credit / debit card types and possibilities: VISA (Gold Card), MasterCard (Standard and Gold), Debit/Pre-paid cards: KeyCard (Cirrus) and Global Card (Maestro and Cirrus)
Deposit required in card accounts: For VISA Card and MasterCard the double of the credit limit is required.
Fee charged by the bank for the opening of accounts: Free of charge
Account maintenance fee: 23 USD per quarter
Basic charges imposed by the bank
Charge for incoming transfers: 10 USD
Charge for outgoing transfers: 0.1%, min. 8 USD – max. 83 USD, plus payment for SWIFT : min. 13 USD.
The conditions imposed by the banks regarding the opening of accounts may change from time to time. Therefore, we recommend consultation with the staff of LAVECO LTD., who will be able to provide up-to-date information, before making a final decision on the choice of bank.
Fee charged by LAVECO LTD. for the opening of accounts in FBME Bank: 600 EUR
Fee for arrangement of bank cards: 200 EUR (up to 4 cards)
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