December 7, 2017


Advantages of the Cyprus company

  • It does not sound offshore
  • 100% legal solution
  • Company + bank account + EU VAT number in the same country.
  • EU member state in compliance with all EU and OECD directives.
  • Hard to discriminate against EU members states
  • EU VAT number can be easily obtained.
  • One of the lowest rates of Corporate Income Tax in the EU.
  • Very efficient legal, accounting and banking services.
  • Residents who are not domiciled are exempt from paying SDC Tax.
  • Double Tax Treaty agreements with more than 60 countries.
  • Salaries paid to non-resident individuals are tax-free in Cyprus.


  • Bad reputation because of the financial hair-cut of deposits in Bank of Cyprus, and the bankruptcy of LAIKI Bank.
  • Low speed of the internet.