October 9, 2017


Bank account of a Hungarian company

A Hungarian company must have at least one bank account in Hungary, which must be opened personally by the director within 15 days of the company’s official registration.

The number and location of bank accounts opened by a company are not limited. Hungarian companies can have any amount of bank accounts in Hungary and abroad.

Accounts can be maintained in different currencies, including the ruble, and there is no mandatory conversion to forints.

All banking services are available for Hungarian companies, including opening letters of credit, loans, etc., depending on the policy of each individual bank.

Internet banking is available in Hungarian and English. Internet banking works either using a digipass or by SMS, depending on the bank.

Most Hungarian banks have operators who speak various languages, including English and Russian.

Where the bank account is managed jointly by the director and the client’s representative, , payment orders are signed by both and sent by fax. When using online banking, the bank makes a payment after it has been confirmed using the codes of both signatories.

To open a bank account, the persons who dispose over it must personally visit the bank.

Banks provide corporate Visa and MAESTRO debit and credit cards.