October 27, 2017


Communication with the accountant

The contract with the accountant is concluded immediately after the registration of the company, as, according to the Hungarian legislation, accounting must be maintained continuously during the existence of the company.

The cost of accounting services depends on the number of transactions performed by the company. At the time of concluding the contract with the accountant, an advance is paid for the first three months of work based on a preliminary estimated number of transactions. At the end of the three-month period, a correction is made based on the actual number of transactions recorded.

LAVECO provides the services of qualified local accountants, as well as assistance in communicating with the accountant in the client’s language.

Generally, the tax authorities allow  copies of documents (contracts, invoices) to be submitted for accounting. However, in the case of large contracts, or at the discretion of officers of the tax authorities, the originals of accompanying documents may also be requested. In this case the company must provide them within 8 working days.

We recommend that clients send the documents to be included in the accounts to the accountant on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly), to avoid any possible disruptions or delays in the accounting process.

It is possible to consult with the accountants and obtain their opinion on various transactions. The fees for such consultation will be based on an hourly rate.