October 9, 2017

Company Formation in Hungary


Nowadays, working with offshore companies is becoming increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible, has and as a result it is necessary to choose between several jurisdictions which offer relatively low tax rates. Hungary is one such country.

Hungary offers the LOWEST RATE of corporation tax in the EU – 9%.
In addition, the tax on dividends (both received by and paid by the company ) is 0%.


  • Low income tax – 9%;
  • Tax on dividends – 0%;
  • Tax rebates on income from certain types of intellectual property;
  • Possibility to open a current bank account in Hungary (company + account in one country) relatively quickly, even if the owners and directors of thec ompany are non-residents;
  • Automatic receipt of Hungarian and European VAT numbers;
  • Full EU membership;
  • A wide network of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation;
  • The company is considered tax resident in Hungary through registration, regardless of the place of management.