October 27, 2017


Required documents

The founding documents of the company are prepared in Hungarian and English languages, so in the future you will not have to spend money having them translated.

When registering a company (LLC), the following documents are signed:

  • Questionnaires and forms for customer identification according to the laws on advocacy and on the exclusion of money laundering;
  • The company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • The sample of the signature of the director of the company;
  • Instructions on the receipt of correspondence (for directors and owners whose permanent place of residence is in Hungary);
  • Power of Attorney for a lawyer to register and represent the company in the registration process;
  • Statement of the Director confirming that the amount of the authorised capital is at his disposal (in the event that the authorized capital is not paid to the bank account of the company);
  • The director’s consent to the appointment;
  • Director’s declaration confirming there is nothing which would exclude him from acting as director;
  • List of company owners;
  • A document on the right to use a legal address (in case it is not provided by LAVECO).

Note: in the case of accelerated company establishment, the memorandum of association is prepared only in Hungarian (in this case, the Court of Registration does not allow the preparation of a bilingual version). In this case, the client receives a translation of the memorandum of association as a separate document.

A document confirming the legal address of the company is also prepared. This is also in Hungarian.

Only the constituent agreement of the company and the sample signature of the director are apostilled, the remaining documents are only notarized.

After the company is registered, the director receives all the documents listed above in the original, except for the questionnaires and forms for customer identification, copies of which can be obtained  on request.