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LAVECO Budapest office

Company name: LAVECO Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft
(LAVECO Trade & Services Ltd.)
Date of registration: 26th October 1991
Registered number: 01-09-079-619
Registered address: 33/a Raday St., 1092 Budapest, Hungary
Registration authority: Fovarosi Cegbirosag (Budapest Municipal Company Registrar)
Telephone number: + 36-1-456-72-00
Fax number: + 36-1-456-72-01
E-mail: hungary@laveco.com
Web-site: www.laveco.hu
Skype: Skype Me™! 
Status within the group: Customer services office
Services available: All of the services offered by the LAVECO group
Special services:
  • Opening of bank accounts in Hungarian banks (which can be arranged in one working day),
  • certification of documents by Notary Public,
  • certification of documents by Apostille,
  • consular certification of documents in foreign consulates located in Hungary,
  • official translation of company documents,
  • express preparation of company stamps,
  • forwarding of letters and telephone and fax messages from Hungary
Contacts at the office:

Regarding company formation and related services:

In Hungarian:
Katalin Szabó +36-1-456-72-10
Mónika Kósa +36-1-456-72-09
Larisza Demeter +36-1-456-72-05

In English:
Katalin Szabó +36-1-456-72-10
Mónika Kósa +36-1-456-72-09
Larisza Demeter +36-1-456-72-05

In Russian:
Larisza Demeter +36-1-456-72-05
Mónika Kósa +36-1-456-72-09
Katalin Szabó +36-1-456-72-10

In Slovakian:
Kósa Mónika +36-1-456-72-09 

Regarding bank account opening:

Mónika Kósa
in Hungarian, English, Russian, Slovak


Open hours (local time):

Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 4pm

Certificate of incorporation: laveco-kft_1129
Company representative:

Laszlo Varadi, Managing Director, Laveco Ltd.Laszlo Varadi, economist, born in 1969. Graduated from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, member of the Offshore Institute since 1996.

Office picture: LAVECO Budapest office