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Important Information

Neue Bank: the reliable banking partner in Liechtenstein


Neue Bank: the reliable banking partner in LiechtensteinThe relationship between LAVECO Ltd. and Neue Bank in Liechtenstein dates back more than 20 years and is extremely fruitful. 

We recommend this bank to those who are looking for a fair bank in a reliable jurisdiction for the handling of their long term investments. The professionalism and expertise of the bankers at Neue Bank guarantees a high level of service. Furthermore, it is worth highlighting the flexible and customer oriented approach experienced by customers maintaining bank accounts here. It is possible to set up an account in Neue Bank with as little as 100 000 EUR, which is almost unheard of in the private banking sphere. And, in our experience, it is not necessary to wait months for the account, as the professionals at Neue Bank react to customer requests extremely quickly. 

The staff in LAVECO Ltd.’s banking department will be only too happy to help those interested in the services offered by Neue Bank.