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Important Information

New possibilities for bank account opening


As a result of the uncertainty surrounding the banking system in Cyprus, LAVECO Ltd. is looking for new banking possibilities for its clients, so that they can open new accounts alongside the existing Cypriot ones as soon as possible.

We can offer the following banks to clients looking to open current accounts:

  1. Federal Bank of Middle East – Tanzania (new!)
  2. Russian Commercial Bank – Russia (Branch in Cyprus) (new!)
  3. Rietumu Bank – Latvia (new!)
  4. ABC Banking Corporation – Mauritius (new!)
  5. BMIO Bank – Branch is Seychelles
  6. MKB Bank – Hungary
  7. Sberbank – Hungary (new!)
  8. Sparkasse - Malta (new!)
  9. Raiffeisen Bank – Malta (new!)
  10. OTP Bank – Serbia (new!)
  11. CSOB Bank – Slovakia (only for companies registered in Cyprus, Commonwealth of Dominica, Hong Kong)

Please contact the customer services team at LAVECO Ltd. for details of the concrete account opening terms and procedures. Bearing in mind the fact that the list is constantly being refreshed and the terms and conditions vary from bank to bank, we would like to ask for your patience and understanding in the event of any possible difficulties in the account opening process.

We are currently negotiating with additional banks and will keep you informed of any new developments or changes, but we also suggest you check our website from time to time as this is refreshed on a daily basis.


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