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Bitcoin: real money, or a con of global proportions?


Bitcoin: reális pénz, vagy egy világméretű átverés? A világ közvéleményét megosztja a virtuális pénz, amely lehetőség és határtalan kockázat is egyben.The Bitcoin is currently the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, although very few people know that today more than 1000 types of cryptocurreny are recorded on the net, with a total value estimated at some 145 billion dollars. The bitcoin exchange rate is soaring, though the main driving force behind this rise is much more likely to be the belief bolstered by investors rather than the realistic purchasing power.

The bitcoin began its journey on January 3rd 2009, when a Japanese man called Satoshi Nakamoto put the algorithm on the internet. The number of bitcoins which can be uncovered on the net with the help of computers is slowing down from 2017, although the possibility to „mine” them will be with us until 2140. There are currently 16.5 million bitcoins in “circulation”, with another 4.5 million or so of the cryptocurrency which, for example, the Chinese server farms are trying to mine day and night with all of their computers working as one.

As the bitcoin is often used to carry out illegal actions, such as internet blackmail or the payment of hackers, the exchange rate tends to drop significantly after each such scandal. This was the case in 2013, for example, when they closed down Silk Road, which could be used for illegal purposes, and when the Russian Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering 4 billion dollars through bitcoins, was arrested in Athens in July this year.