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Real Estate in Cyprus Now is the Time to Buy!


For people of many different nationalities Cyprus has become not only another island in the Mediterranean, or another in the long list of holiday destinations, but also a second home – literally. Huge numbers of foreigners are buying real estate on the island, some to use as their permanent residence, and others to have a holiday home in Cyprus.
It’s not worth spending precious time explaining how good the island’s climate and ecology are – you can find that information in all the tourist brochures and on every website. We simply say that it is sunny and warm all year round!
We would, however, like to share some interesting facts about real estate in Cyprus with you, so you can see just how special it is:
-    Real estate prices are much lower than in other popular seaside resorts, though as investments they grow steadily,
-    Real estate maintenance costs are relatively low,
-    Houses and apartments in Cyprus can be rented out very easily, so when you are not using your holiday home, it can earn you money,
-    Thanks to the British common law legal system and strong legislation regulating ownership rights, people purchasing real estate in Cyprus are much better protected than in the majority of European countries,
-    Owning real estate in Cyprus enables the purchaser to obtain a temporary or permanent residency permit,
-    English is an official language in Cyprus, together with Greek, which is very convenient for foreign investors.
For more detailed information about purchasing real estate in Cyprus, please visit
www.maptika.com  and ask for Anton Kolesnikov, Managing Director.