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Ten things you didn’t know about London



  1. London’s inhabitants speak 300 languages, but they are a distant second behind the population of New York where some 800 languages are spoken. Altogether there are some 7000 languages in the world.

  2. One of London’s major tourist attractions and symbols is the London Eye, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the capital. If the wheel was unfolded, it would reach a length of 424 metres.

  3. 85% of workers, around 3.2 million people, are employed in the service sector. This is almost the same as the entire population of Uruguay, which is 3.4 million.

  4. In London approximately 8500 buses run every day between the capital’s 19500 bus stops, clocking up some 483 million kilometres each year.

  5. The shortest distance between two stops on London’s very individual underground system is no more than 260 metres, which the trains cover in 20 seconds, but a single ticket still costs £4.30.

  6. London is the city with the most billionaires, 72 to be precise. Moscowis pushed back into second place with “only” 48. It is interesting that New York has a “paltry” 43, while 37 billionaires live in Saudi Arabia.

  7. A significant part of the total area of London – some 40% - is green, covering 173 km2, or 3 times the area of Manhattan.

  8. Some 8.4 million people currently call London home, which is about the same as the entire population of Austria. However, in 1939 Londoners numbered 8.6 million.

  9. Real estate in London is incredibly expensive. A 1600 m2 apartment recently changed hands for a bewildering 227.5 million dollars, which is close to the total GDP of Palau (247 million dollars), a ministate located close to the Philippines.

  10. The “City” is one of the world’s most important financial centres. The whole city’s GDP amounts to 761 billion dollars, which exceeds the GDP of Saudi Arabia (743.5 billiondollars). Iran, on the other hand, has a GDP of 368.9 billion dollars.