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What are co-working offices good for?


Mire jó a közösségi iroda?The co-working office, as a genre, is a relatively new phenomenon in the business world. Although it is true that such offices have been operating in western Europe and North America for decades, they are still not particularly well known. So, how can we really describe what a co-working office is really about? A co-working office is a place where businessmen, who don’t maintain their own offices, come together, work in a common area, and take advantage of the benefits offered by a common office space.

What are those benefits? First of all, cost efficiency. If someone decides to rent an independent office, there is a lot more to think about than just the office rental fee. In addition to paying the utility bills (heating, water, electricity), the office needs to be cleaned. Other fees related to rates, building tax etc., are also usually passed on to the tenant. If you have your own office, you also have to think about furnishing it, arranging the internet, and numerous other things required to make the office operational. In the case of a co-working office, the headache caused by these costs is felt by the company managing the office! People renting space in a co-working office enjoy the convenience of the common space without the headache.

The latest service offered by LAVECO Ltd. is a 250 m2 office space in the heart of Budapest, providing those who buy a monthly, six-monthly or yearly pass with numerous services. The passes, available for various periods of time, entitle the holder to work in the office between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Friday, and to make use of the internet, printers or photocopier, or just to relax and enjoy a coffee in the office. Two meeting rooms are available for those wishing to hold business meetings. The larger of the two, with a capacity of 20-30, can also be used for presentations, workshops or corporate functions. In addition, the office complex in Ráday Street also offers the possibility for Hungarian companies registered here to use the office as their registered address. LAVECOWORKING Ltd., which manages the office, also forwards mail and post. The services of our lawyers, accountants and advisors, as well as other services, are not only available to start-ups. Some of our existing clients also happily use the office services, as this gives them the chance to have all the convenience of a business presence in Budapest without the headaches.

These services are particularly recommended for foreigners and those living in the country. For foreign businessmen not residing in Budapest permanently or for a prolonged period, it is hardly worth maintaining an independent office. Like this, however, they can carry out their operations and meet business partners in a comfortable and professional environment. A co-working office is far more conducive to working than the loneliness of a hotel room or airport lounge. And when you get tired of working, the numerous cafes and restaurants in Ráday Street offer the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind at all times of the day. For more information on our co-working services, contact the staff at LAVECOWORKING Ltd. on the following contact details:

What are co-working offices good for?

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