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New Company Record In Hong Kong


Invest Hong Kong, the government department whose mission is to attract and retain foreign direct investment into the city, has disclosed that a record 213 overseas and Mainland Chinese companies have been set up or expanded in Hong Kong in the first half of 2013.

Invest Hong Kong's Investment Promotion Director-General Simon Galpin found the interim results encouraging, and confirmed that the department is optimistic it will meet the annual target of 330 projects this year. "Our pipeline of prospects is strong, in particular from companies in Mainland China and the US which have signaled their intent to set up or expand in Hong Kong," he said.

In addition, the department will this month roll out a global marketing program, called startmeup.hk, to encourage entrepreneur-led businesses to consider Hong Kong as the platform from which they can expand globally.

The 213 companies that have set up or expanded in Hong Kong in the first six months of this year are from 33 countries. The Mainland was the largest source of investment with 51 completed projects, followed by Japan with 26, the US and UK with 24 projects each, and France with 13. Asia was the largest market source with 89 projects completed, compared to 73 a year ago, followed by Europe and North America.

For the first time, Invest Hong Kong helped a Greek company to set up a business in the city, and, overall, the companies span a range of businesses, including asset management, digital marketing, medical and healthcare, and restaurant and wine-related businesses.

Source: http://www.tax-news.com