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UK Taps Manx Expertise In Overseas Territory Review


Representatives from the Isle of Man have shared the territory's expertise in the area of criminal justice to assist the UK's other overseas territories in undertaking reform in the area, at a recent event in London co-organized by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Ministry of Justice.

The workshop provided an opportunity for Governors from seven of the Overseas Territories to hear of the development of the Isle of Man's acclaimed criminal justice system from Mark Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer at the Isle of Man's Department of Home Affairs, and Dan Davies, who has appointed by the Manx Government to spearhead efforts to make Government operations more efficient.

The workshop was organized to assist in the UK Government's efforts to encourage reform by its Overseas Territories to strengthen good governance, public financial management and economic planning, in line with the recommendations of the FCO’s white paper reviewing the UK's relationship with the Overseas Territories. The UK Ministry of Justice had previously highlighted the Isle of Man’s criminal justice modernization strategy to the Overseas Territories as an example of best practice.

The Isle of Man's Home Affairs Minister with responsibility for criminal justice modernization, Juan Watterson said: "The Isle of Man has a strong track record of international cooperation and we were pleased to take this opportunity to engage positively with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Justice and Overseas Territories. The invitation to attend the event in London recognizes the quality of the work we are undertaking to make the island’s criminal justice system faster, simpler and more cost efficient."

"Many countries around the world are facing common challenges in terms of delivering more for less, and the Isle of Man’s experiences in driving forward its modernization strategy really struck a chord with the Overseas Territories."

Mark Kelly added: "It was extremely gratifying to see the level of interest from the Governors of the Overseas Territories, both during the presentation and in the margins of the workshop. Jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands have all approached the theme of criminal justice reform but recognize the Isle of Man is already well advanced in this area. A number of Governors expressed their interest in visiting the Isle of Man to consider at first hand the progress achieved to date in our program of change."