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Bulgarian Economic Forum


Bulgarian Economic Forum, LAVECO

On June 11th 2014, at the Le Meridien Hotel, the Hungarian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce organised the Bulgarian Economic Forum in Budapest, attended by businessmen from both countries.

One of the guest speakers was Mr. László Váradi, managing director of LAVECO Ltd., who gave a lecture entitled “Tax optimisation within the European Union”. Mr. Váradi’s presentation showed that tax planning in the future is going to undergo drastic change, and those who wish to continue to be successful are going to have to go down new avenues and employ new techniques. The majority of the offshore jurisdictions will be unable to meet the OECD requirements on transparency, resulting in many countries “dropping out of the race”, and an increase in regional tax competition (such as, for example, competition within the European Union). Businessmen wishing to stay ahead of the game need to prepare for these changes now.

Following the presentations, participants had the chance to discuss the subjects in an informal forum, while tasting fine Bulgarian wines.