Laveco Ltd. is 23 years old
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Laveco Ltd. is 23 years old


Régi rablók, új rablók… - LAVECO Hírlevél 2014/IIIIn September this year LAVECO Ltd. celebrated its 23rd birthday at the Greek Taverna Dionysus restaurant, which has become a regular haunt.

During a good-natured dinner, the LAVECO team remembered some of the most significant moments from the past 23 years.

Managing director, László Váradi, expressed his delight at the fact that LAVECO has been present in the offshore market for 23 years. He emphasised that LAVECO would not have been able to achieve this without its professional team, a number of whom have been working with the company for 15 years.

Mr. Váradi thanked them for their loyalty with commemorative certificates and individually selected valuable gifts.

Following the delicious Greek meal, the team said their goodbyes, hoping that LAVECO will continue to prosper for at leastanother 23 years.