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LAVECO success at the CIS Wealth conference


The LAVECO Group participated at the CIS Wealth conference held in Moscow in February, 2017. The LAVECO Group participated at the CIS Wealth conference held in Moscow on February 20th and 21st, 2017. In recent times the event has been held several times a year in Russia’s major cities, and specifically targets companies providing corporate services and asset protection. The conference has become the foremost business platform in Russia, and provides an ideal opportunity for networking and the sharing of experiences. 

LAVECO was represented not only as an exhibitor, but also as a speaker. The presentation was given by Jekatyerina Váradi, the company’s commercial director, and dealt primarily with the position of Hungarian and Bulgarian companies in international tax planning, though also touched on the possibilities for foreign companies to open bank accounts in Hungary. We would like to mention that the presentation was extremely well received by the audience, and a long queue of people interested in finding out more formed at the LAVECO stand.

The CIS Wealth conference proved to be an extremely useful opportunity for LAVECO to make contact with new clients from the Russian Federation. Potential clients showed a great deal of interest in the company’s activities, and we are confident that we can provide a range of legal solutions to any problems which they may experience and help them to achieve their goals.