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LaveCOworking: new coworking space


LAVECO Kft. and the LAVECO Group are now able to offer a new service.

On September 15th, 2016 the coworking space situated at 31/b Ráday Street officially opened for business.

Following an extensive refurbishment, the almost 250 m2 office complex  consisting of 25-30 workstations, reception, meeting rooms, rest and social areas came about.The concept itself is not new, even in Hungary. Coworking spaces originated some years ago in the USA and Western Europe. Their popularity can be shown by the fact that there are already some 10-15 such offices operating in Budapest, offering opportunities to those who do not wish to maintain their own offices or who find working from home boring. LAVECO Ltd. intends to offer this possibility primarily to its own clients, wishing to further enrichen the entrepreneurial freedom of its existing customers. For more detailed information please visit the lavecoworking.hu website.

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