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Special offers on the LAVECO website extended


Our website is constantly being updated, and you can always find useful and interesting information there. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the special offers on Belize and the Seychelles have been extended until the end of the year. In addition, we would also like to recommend our special offer on the ever-popular Hong Kong.

We recommend companies from Belize primarily to those looking for an IBC type company. In this offer, the Belize-registered company, including the fees for the first calendar year, can be yours for 1 250 USD, instead of 1 470 USD.
Shelf companies from Belize, with nominee directors and shareholder, certified power of attorney, including formation fees and the annual fees for the first calendar year now costs only 2 140 USD instead of 2 800 USD.

We recommend the Seychelles because this type of company offers a simple and economic solution in cases where a holding company is required. In this offer, the Seychelles-registered company, including the fees for the first year, can be yours for 1 290  USD, instead of 1 670 USD.
Shelf companies registered in the Seychelles, with nominee directors and certified power of attorney, including formation and first year fees can be yours for 1 870 USD (was 2 550 USD).

Hongkong is popular the world over; on the basis of the number of companies registered, it is a leading jurisdiction not only in the region, but also in the world. One of the factors of this success is the fact that income derived from outside Hong Kong is not subject to tax there, while only profit made locally is subject to 16.5% tax. More and more of our clients are choosing Hong Kong, primarily those planning for the long term.
We are currently offering companies registered in Hong Kong with directors and shareholders provided by LAVECO for 3 290 USD, instead of 3 790 USD. In cases where directors and shareholders from Hong Kong are required, the price is 3 490 USD (was 3 990 USD).

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