February 1, 2018


5 reasons – why it’s it worth working with LAVECO

  1. 26 years of experience with international clients
  2. Multilingual staff – We speak 8 languages.
  3. Company and bank account in the same jurisdiction – With LAVECO it is possible in 5 countries!
  4. Special prices for intermediaries – Everybody wins!
  5. Legal solutions for small, medium and large clients.

Why should you choose LAVECO Ltd.?

  • LAVECO Ltd. was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts and providing services related to the support of the companies it has registered.
  • During this time, the company has acquired vast experience in this field and can provide customers with the highest level of professional services.
  • The ownership and management of the company has remained unchanged since its initial registration, a clear sign that the company provides correct and professional services.
  • LAVECO is not an intermediary – we register companies ourselves in the countries in which our offices are located.
  • LAVECO provides the services of professional accountants and lawyers, ready to work with clients from different countries.
  • We offer services such as the provision of real office space, visa support and placement for customers.
  • Our staff speak 8 languages, including Russian.
  • Through the services we provide, clients can create complex international corporate structures, which optimise taxation and can be managed extremely conveniently.
  • We have extensive experience working with intermediaries, providing them with competitive price levels and security of cooperation.