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Most popular jurisdictions
Flag Jurisdiction Formation fees Fee for Registered Office and Registered Agent Annual Tax and Duties Tip
Belize - IBC Belize - IBC 790 USD 780 USD 150 USD
This little known small country in Central America offers truly excellent opportunities for the formation of IBC-type companies. Thanks to more than two decades of stability it is one of the most popular jurisdictions, among LAVECO clients, too.
British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands 980 USD 890 USD 350 USD
The leading jurisdiction in the world offshore market, which basically introduced the IBC company format in 1984. Numerous countries and jurisdictions subsequently “copied” the company law. From the point of view of the number of companies formed, over the last 10 years the BVI has always been among the podium places. Extremely popular and the preferred jurisdiction of lawyers in particular.
Hong Kong Hong Kong 654 USD 900 USD 416 USD
The success of Hong Kong in the international company world has remained unbroken since being returned to communist China. The Chinese leaders wisely left the English system unchanged, and have not allowed others to have a say in the operation of the city state either. Hong Kong is a leader in the number of companies formed, not only in the region, but also at the world level. More and more LAVECO clients who wish to arrange their affairs for the long term are choosing Hong Kong, even if it appears to be more expensive. One of the major ingredients of success is the fact that income from outside the territory is not subject to tax in Hong Kong, with only locally-sourced profits being taxed at 16%.
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands 995 USD 995 USD No annual tax or duties
Having faithfully copied the Delaware corporate legislation, the island republic in the Pacific has justifiably gained popularity among LAVECO clients. Keys to its success include simplicity and the low incorporation and annual fees.
Panama Panama 890 USD 750 USD 300 USD
The leading company formation jurisdiction in Central America. Since the 1920s companies registered here have only had to pay tax on income generated in Panama. Companies registered in Panama are primarily popular in Latin America due to the physical proximity and use of the Spanish language.
Seychelles - IBC Seychelles - IBC 590 USD 780 USD 100 USD
One of the success stories of the last decade in the international company industry is undoubtedly the Seychelles. The reason our clients choose the Seychelles is that the islands offer a simple and financially efficient solution, particularly in the case of the establishment of holding companies.
United Arab Emirates, Ajman United Arab Emirates, Ajman Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу
The ideal jurisdiction for company formation and resettlement to the United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates, Umm al-Quwain United Arab Emirates, Umm al-Quwain Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу
The ideal jurisdiction for company formation and resettlement to the United Arab Emirates.
Bulgaria Bulgaria 290 EUR 960 EUR 10% of net profit
Numerous clients are starting to choose Bulgaria as the jurisdiction in which to set up companies thanks to the low rates of corporation tax and personal income tax. The country’s banking system is relatively stable, and the exchange rate of the local currency is pegged to the euro. The opening of bank accounts for companies registered here is simple, and receiving an EU tax number does not particularly pose problems.
Cyprus Cyprus 790 EUR 780 EUR 12,5% of net profit and 350 EUR
37 years at the top! The system in Cyprus provided in the past, still provides today and can be expected to continue to provide in the long term a uniquely stable opportunity for the registration of international holding and trading companies. The tax system is excellent, in both European and worldwide terms, for those wishing to place their wealth securely in the long run. The more than 60 agreements for the avoidance of double taxation signed by Cyprus facilitate the redistribution of income from dividends, interest and royalties to Cyprus and the further forwarding of such incomes to other jurisdictions.
Hungary Hungary 490 EUR 960 EUR 9% of net profit + cca. 2% municipality tax.
Company formation in Hungary
Malta Malta 1810 EUR 650 EUR 0/5/15/35%
Anybody interested in establishing a highly prestigious company within the EU should certainly give some thought to Malta. In addition to the country’s political and economic stablility, the tax benefits offered to foreigners make Malta worthy of consideration. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the opening of bank accounts is no longer a straightforward process, and companies do not automatically receive EU tax numbers.
UK LLP UK LLP 500 GBP 690 GBP 0% or 20-24% on profit
The LLP company format is not particularly well known among the general public. The huge benefits of the LLP lie in the fact that under certain circumstances there is no corporate taxation, as, following the principles of flow-through taxation, the members of the LLP are liable for the taxes payable on the company’s income in the place where they are resident for tax purposes. As a result of the high level of prestige, the LLP is an excellent vehicle particularly for the performance of transactions between the UK and non-EU partners.
UK LTD UK LTD 500 GBP 690 GBP 20-28% on profit
Although the UK private limited company is not a low-tax company, it is still popular among those who require a high prestige, very stable company. The UK company has justifiably become a competitor for the Swiss company, whose formation and maintenance fees may be 5 or even 10 times higher than its counterpart in the UK.
Information and price on request
Flag Jurisdiction Flag Jurisdiction
Delaware - LLC Delaware - LLC Nevada LLC Nevada LLC
New York - LLC New York - LLC Utah - LLC Utah - LLC
Washington DC - LLC Washington DC - LLC Wyoming - LLC Wyoming - LLC
Other jurisdictions
Antigua Antigua Barbados Barbados
Cayman Islands (Exempt) Cayman Islands (Exempt) Cook Islands Cook Islands
Dominica Dominica Gibraltar Gibraltar
Grenada Grenada Isle of Man (Exempt) Isle of Man (Exempt)
Liberia Liberia Liechtenstein (A.G.) Liechtenstein (A.G.)
Liechtenstein (Anstalt) Liechtenstein (Anstalt) Mauritius Mauritius
Montserrat Montserrat Saint Vincent & Grenadine Saint Vincent & Grenadine
St. Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts & Nevis Turks & Caicos Turks & Caicos
Vanuatu Vanuatu