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How to order a company from LAVECO Ltd
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Marshall Islands
Having faithfully copied the Delaware corporate legislation, the island republic in the Pacific has justifiably gained popularity among LAVECO clients. Keys to its success include simplicity and the low incorporation and annual fees.
Method of incorporation / registration: The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed by the subscribers. The subscriber must be a local person licensed for the purpose
Company legal form: Private Limited Company by shares
Company status: Exempt
Source of corporate legislation: Marshall Islands Associations Law of 1990
Possible suffixes to company name: Ltd., Limited, Incorporated, Inc., Company.
Restrictions on company name: The terms Bank, Imperial, Insurance, Trust, Trustee, Chamber of Commerce and Royal may not appear in the company name.
Time required for incorporation: 2-3 weeks *
Number of directors: Minimum 1 of any nationality
Number of shareholders: Minimum 1.
Capitalisation: No minimum.
Accounting / reporting requirements: Not applicable
Type of shares: Bearer or registered.
Annual tax and duties: No annual tax or duties
Information publicly available: Registered office and registered agent.
Disclosure of beneficiaries: Not required.
Registered office: Local registered office is required by law.
Registered secretary / agent: Local registered agent is required by law.
Double tax treaty: Non-Resident Corporations are not subject to DTTs.

* In the Marshall Islands it is possible to order "express" company incorporation with surcharge.