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How to order a company from LAVECO Ltd
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The Bahamas
Method of incorporation / registration: The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed by the subscribers. The subscribers must be local persons licensed for the purpose. The minimum number of subscribers is 2.
Company form: International Business Company (I.B.C.).
Source of corporate legislation: Common Law - International Business Companies Act, 1989., amended 2000
Possible suffixes to company name: Ltd., Limited, Incorporated, Inc., S.A., Corp., Corporation.
Restrictions on company name: The terms Bank, Insurance, Chamber of Commerce, University, Trust, Saving Municipal may not appear in the company name without prior consent or license.
Time required for incorporation: 2-3 weeks
Number of directors: Minimum 1 of any nationality
Number of shareholders: Minimum 1
Capitalisation: No minimum
Accounting / reporting requirements: Not applicable.
Type of shares: Registered
Annual tax and duties: Minimum 350 USD if the authorized capital less than 50 000 USD
Information publicly available: Registered office and registered agent, directors, shareholders.
Disclosure of beneficiaries: Required
Registered office: Local registered office is required by law.
Registered secretary / agent: Local registered agent is required by law.
Double tax treaty: Bahamian IBCs are not subject to DTTs.

COMPULSORY COSTS (payable prior to registration)

Incorporation fee: 380 USD
Notarial certification: 160 USD
International authentication (Apostille): 160 USD
Legal expenses, filing fees and stamp duties: 110 USD
Issuing of share certificates and initial minutes and forms: 70 USD
Corporate seal: 50 USD
Courier fees: 50 USD
Subtotal: 980 USD
Registered office and registered agent: 890 USD
Annual tax and duties: 350 USD
Subtotal: 1240 USD
Total: 2220 USD

*The annual fees for the first calendar year of existence of the company are payable in full prior to registration, regardless of the actual date of formation of the company. The amount of 1240 USD, therefore, must be paid both by a company registered in January and also by a company registered in December, and in both cases the amount includes only the annual fees for the calendar year in which the company was formed. Subsequently, the amount of 1240 USD is payable annually, beginning from January 1 of the year following the year in which the company was formed. Non-payment of the annual fees results in the company being struck off the Company Register.

The amount of 2220 USD includes the following services: formation of the company, duties payable to the local authorities for the registration of the company, registration-related administration, provision of registered office and agent for 1 year, annual tax for the 1st year, delivery of the company documents to the relevant office of the LAVECO Group, handmade luxury leather corporate kit containing the following documents: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Appointment of First Directors, bound copy of the 3 documents mentioned above with notary public and international (Apostille) certification, minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, share certificate(s), registers of directors and shareholders, company seal, company stamp. The price contains no hidden costs.

Nominee Director (private person): 890 USD
Nominee Director (corporate body): 495 USD
Nominee shareholder: 290 USD
Power of Attorney with Notarial Certification: 390 USD
Notarial Certification or Apostille: 160 USD
Certificate of Good Standing: 430 USD
Certificate of Incumbency: 430 USD
In cases where the total number of attorneys, shareholders and beneficiaries in a company is more than 5, a supplement of 100 USD will be payable for each additional person.

 LAVECO Ltd. is pleased to offer its clients shelf companies in the Bahamas which are available at the same cost. In the case of purchase of a shelf company the paperwork and documentation involved can be completed in 2-3 working days. Contact our office for details and a list of shelf companies!


Formation fees including annual fees for the first year.
Ready made Bahamian company with nominee director and notarised Power of Attorney:

Fees payable from the second year.
Annual tax and duties, registered office and registered agent, nominee director and notarised Power of Attorney: