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Short news and ideas

Changes in the Hellenic Bank’s services


The Hellenic Bank’s internet banking system already offered excellent possibilities for the performance of everyday transactions. The fast, secure and easy to use e-banking system was available 24 hours a day in 3 languages, Greek, English and Russian. The bank’s latest product is a multi-currency account which offers the possibility for the simultaneous management of an account in two or more currencies, while also showing the combined amount actually in the account. Also new to the Hellenic Bank system is the possibility to make payments in roubles, which was introduced on August 1st 2012. Very few banks within the EU are able to offer such competitive services and at such competitive rates. The charge for a wire transfer is a fixed 600 roubles + handling fees. There is a 0.05% supplement for same day transfers, with a minimum fee of 600 roubles and a maximum of 2000 roubles.

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