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Short news and ideas

Hungarian residency investment programme


In January 2013 Hungary launched a programme whereby individuals from non-EU member states receive expedited residency permits if they buy government bonds. The equation is simple: the purchase of 250 000 EUR worthof government bonds secures a 5-year residency permit.

Naturally, the bondscan not be sold during the period for which the permit is valid. In return, however, the individual and certain members of his/her family (normally, aspouse and dependant children) have the right to free movement within the Schengen area for 5 years.

That is, Hungary is part of the Schengen area, therefore, individuals with permits to stay in Hungary have the right to freely come and go throughout the majority of Europe. This is possibly the greatest attraction to those for whom foreign travel is subject to restrictions.

Naturally, security is also a pointof view which should not be ignored: public safety in Hungary is very good, and residents do not have to concern themselveswith riots and acts of war. At the same time, obtaining a residency permit certainly does not mean that the individual isobliged to remain in Hungary for the entire period. In comparison with other EU member states, the tax climate in Hungary is also agreeable, as the Hungarian personal income tax of 16% is much more appealing than some of the other member states where the rate may be as high as 35-40%. The programme has proved popular so far, and as a result the Hungarian parliament are considering increasing the minimum investment from 250 000 to 300 000 EUR.

You can read about the programme in more detail on the following website:www.euresidencepermit.com.