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United Arab Emirates: 6 arguments in favour of Sharjah Media City


 Egyesült Arab Emirátusok: 6 érv Sharjah Media City mellett


The Sharjah Media City (SAMC) Free Zone, established in the Emirate of Sharjah in the Unites Arab Emirates, offers excellent opportunities for those interested in establishing webshops for international trading purposes or for the provision of international services.


Here are 6 reasons why it is worth choosing SAMC:

  1. The rate of corporation tax in Sharjah is 0%, which is considerably lower than the rates in Europe (9-25%)
  2. The VAT rate in Sharjah is also 0%, again much lower than the rates in Europe (15-27%)
  3. Free Zone companies here can be established with 100% foreign ownership, and still pay 0% tax, even though they are not offshore companies. The company profits can be freely transferred out of the country.
  4. Bank accounts for Free Zone companies can be opened with the local banks. This is now considerably more difficult for offshore companies.
  5. The annual licence allowing a company to participate in internet trading is cheaper than in the Free Zones of other Emirates.
  6. The owner of a Free Zone company is authorised to apply for a residency permit in the United Arab Emirates.