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Where does the signing of tax agreements currently stand?


Hol tart az automatikus adóügyi információcsere egyezmények megkötése?On January 1st, 2016 the first phase of the global automatic exchange of information on tax matters, whereby the countries which have signed up to the agreement will exchange information on tax issues from 2017 (or in some cases 2018), began.

At the OECD Global Forum in October 2014, 89 countries declared in a Memorandum of Understanding their intention to sign up to the automatic exchange of information. Since 2014 the signing of Multilateral Competent Authority Agreements (MCAA) has been underway. 83 countries have currently signed the agreement.

In the table which you can download here, you can see a list of the countries which have signed MCAAs to date, while on the OECD website it is possible to follow the most important news and information regarding the automatic exchange of information. We also recommend that you visit and follow the news on our blog dedicated to the topic.