We give you a complex service package to raise your business to the next level, to worldwide International Standards.
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We take it to the next level and make sure we select the best-suited candidates for your company. We will find the right tools and industry expertise to optimize your recruitment process to your satisfaction.


The most advisable is to obtain it through a residence upon work permit, for which there are two options: either through the establishment of a company in Hungary with subsequent employment in this company or directly through a search of a Hungarian employer and application for a work permit.


A turn-key solution to your business needs. We provide you a full range of corporate services and provide high-level management to the companies we register: consulting company registration, administration, accounting, and business real estate services. 


With our widest and most complex range of services, we will take your business to the next level. We help you to work at a high level in the European market as a non-resident as well. Expand your market in the EU.



Lavecoworking Kft. is a part of LAVECO Ltd., a group of companies which was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then, has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts and providing a wide range of services related to the support of the companies it has registered.

One of the key factors of success for most of the companies is the highly professional employees, therefore we do our best to solve this task for our clients. This is true for the hard and dynamic IT sector.

During this time, the company has acquired vast experience in these two fields and can provide customers with the highest level of professional services both in IT recruitment and corporate services.

The world needs ideas and innovation to make progress and results against the many problems we face – LAVECOWORKING provides successful solutions to solve the tasks for the clients.

We are not looking for the reasons “why not” we are looking for opportunities to find effective solutions – LAVECOWORKING  follows this in each case.

The ownership and management of the company have remained unchanged since its initial registration, a clear sign that the company provides correct and professional services – stability is LAVECO’s handwriting.

We provide the services of professional IT recruiters, accountants and lawyers, ready to work with clients from different countries – LAVECOWORKING is your competent partner.


We give you IT PROFESSIONALS for your business

Our specialized IT staffing services team will assists you with your business goals and grows through strategic IT talent acquisition. We can provide you organizations in attracting, recruiting and placing qualified candidates for single contract consulting; full-time positions; as well as providing temporary, Project-Based staffing; on-demand recruitment to help manage dynamic IT companies, IT professionals or even large team for a long-term project and business plans.

IT Recruitment & Headhunting

professional remote or on-site IT-recruitment  and headhunting

HR-Consultancy services

provision of HR services on outsourcing base

Relocation support

relocation support for the IT-workforce from outside the EU

Staff search & selection

international/cross border staff search and selection

Talent acquisition

talent finds talent

Solutions for IT labour market gap

  • advanced education and preparation of the required IT specialists on demand of the customer;
  • placement by specialized skillset IT security staff training, cybersecurity professional formation

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High-level CORPORATE PLATFORM for your business

One of the main characteristic features of our services is to providing complex solutions for business owners from all over the world to build a successful business enterprise.
The main focus of our portfolio is: company registration in Hungary;  assistance to business owners who want to take the advantages of lower taxation in Hungary by relocating their business; or, wants to integrate into the European market through opening a branch or representative office in Hungary.

Company Registration in Hungary with a bank account

full spectrum of services as per company registration in Hungary, possibility of remote registration

Opening of a Bank Account

bank account solutions in Hungary and abroad

Business Real Estate

office rental/purchase solutions, including service for registered address in Hungary

Corporate Agent Services

corporate consultancy, local support of corporate activity for our international customers (secretary, tax advices, legal services from a licensed attorney-at-law, notary support, customized corporate services)


including relocation of staff to Hungary for non-resident professionals

Residence or Work Permit in Hungary

get your residence or work permit based on a business in Hungary.

Offshore and low tax Company Registration

full range of services company registration in Hong Kong, Cyprus and other low-tax jurisdictions upon request

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Experienced Team

You can count on us for more than 30 years.

Complex Service Package

We offer turn-key solutions.

High-level professionals

Professional solutions for your business.

Up to date

We keep track of any changes in international legislation and market.


Reliable and trustworthy services.


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