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From the Managing Director's desk

Preface - LAVECO Newsletter 2017/1.


Dear Reader,

New year, new thoughts! The leading article of the first edition of the LAVECO Newsletter for 2017 analyses the trends in the international company industry with regard to both consumers and service providers. We draw your attention to 3 significant moments in each case which will define the year. 2017 will be the year of purges on both sides, with clients and the service providers who serve them being affected.

However, the world economy is not closing down, it’s just undergoing constant transformation. In this way, client preferences regarding company formation jurisdictions also change. While the companies established earlier in zero tax jurisdictions become almost unusable, the well regulated countries offering low taxation will come to the fore. Hungary, with its 9% profit tax, has become the leader in the region, with no country in Europe offering a lower, legal rate of corporate tax.

Alongside the modern, there is still room for the past, or rather there are still things from the past which function very well today. One of those is Neue Bank, whose relationship with LAVECO Ltd. dates back more than 20 years. Once again we are very happy to recommend this very successful bank to you.

A couple of years ago I wasn’t totally sure what a co-working office was. But now, not only have I come to terms with the idea and fully understood its meaning, but I have also gone as far as to undertake the huge task of organising such an office. The 250 m2 office complex, situated next door to our Budapest office, offers the maximum comfort and convenience to those who wish to arrange their business affairs without maintaining their own offices.

And we have not been kicking our heels recently either. LAVECO Ltd. has participated in numerous professional conferences in recent months, giving presentations and greeting potential clients at our stands. Most recently, Jekatyerina Váradi’s presentation at the CIS-Wealth event in Moscow, identifying the benefits of Hungarian and Bulgarian companies and the possibilities for opening bank accounts in Hungary, enjoyed considerable success.

There will still be opportunities in 2017. And the LAVECO Newsletter will bring you information on these from time to time. Read the LAVECO Newsletter in 2017, and let us contribute to your business success.

LAVECO Newsletter 2017/1. - 2017: the year of purges

Wishing you a pleasant read.

With warm regards

László Váradi

Managing Director