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Secure your Family’s Future with Hungarian Residency


Discover the new Hungary Golden Visa program, offering residency in the heart of Europe to eligible investors. Invest in real estate or bonds and enjoy the benefits of EU membership.

Invest for Easy Residency in Hungary!

Invest in real estate, or bonds or make a donation in Hungary and gain a 10-year residency permit, opening up a gateway to Europe’s opportunities.

Investing €250,000

by buying bonds in Hungarian Real Estate

Investing €500,000

into Private Property (Hungarian Real Estate)

Making a €1,000,000 Donation

making donation donation to a Public Trust

Opportunities of Hungarian Residency Permit Through the Golden Visa

Unleash your potential with the Hungary Golden Visa and explore the limitless opportunities that Europe has to offer.

Freedom of Movement

  • Schengen Zone access: Live, work, or study visa-free in 26 European countries.
  • Global mobility: Easier visa access to many other countries outside the EU.

Residency & Citizenship

  • Fast-track residency: Obtain Hungarian residency permit within 30 days
  • Long-term stability: 10-year renewable permit, path to permanent residency and citizenship. 

Investment & Taxation

  • Attractive investment options: Choose between government bonds or real estate funds.
  • Relatively low investment amount: Compared to other European golden visa programs.
  • Favorable tax environment: No Hungarian taxes for non-residents, potentially attractive business tax rates.

Lifestyle & Quality of Life

  • Central European location: Easy access to other European destinations.
  • Rich cultural heritage & vibrant cities: Experience Budapest’s beauty and charm.
  • High quality of life: Affordable living costs, excellent healthcare, and safety.

Additional Points

  • No minimum stay requirement: Spend as much or as little time in Hungary as you like.
  • Work authorization: Option to work and invest in Hungary without additional permits.
  • Government-backed program: Secure and reliable option for residency and investment.
  • Fast Processing: Obtain residency permit within 1 month.
  • No Language Requirement: No Hungarian language proficiency is required.
  • Path to Citizenship: After 10 years of permanent residency, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship.

Embrace a New Chapter in Europe with Hungarian Golden Visa

These are just a few of the many benefits that the Hungarian Golden Visa program can offer UAE residents. With its attractive investment options, vibrant lifestyle, and rich culture, Hungary presents an exceptional opportunity to enhance your personal and financial goals. Explore this exciting opportunity and open up a world of possibilities in Europe’s heart.


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