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Exciting News in Immigration: Hungary Restarting Its “Golden Visa” Program in 2024!

The Hungarian Parliament has approved a new regulation introducing the ‘guest-investor residency’ in Hungary. This program offers investors 10 years of residence under favorable conditions. The minimum required investment is €250,000, and it must be completed within 90 days of visa application approval.

Investment options under Hungary’s Golden Visa program include (you need to choose only one among the options):
▪ Option 1: Investing €250,000 in Hungarian Real Estate Funds.
▪ Option 2: Directly invest €500,000 in your private real estate in Hungary.
▪ Option 3: Making a substantial €1,000,000 donation to a public trust.

Benefits of investing in Hungary’s Golden Visa Program:
✅The most affordable Golden Visa in the EU.
✅Outstanding 10-year residency permit with the possibility of extension.
✅Swift application process.
✅No minimum stay requirement.
✅Schengen Area membership for EU mobility, competing with programs in Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.
✅Inclusion of family members in the application, granting them a 10-year residence permit.

In broad terms, the procedure consists of two stages:
1st stage – obtaining a “guest-investor” visa. At this stage, it is necessary to provide confirmation of the availability of funds for investment, and the applicant undergoes a security check. The visa is issued for 2 years with the right to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period. From the moment of entry into Hungary, the applicant has 3 months to implement one of the investment options. After completing this stage (2nd stage – application for a residence permit), the applicant receives a residence permit for 10 years, extendable for another 10 years.

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