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Laveco Opens An Office In Hong Kong


Another name has been added to the list of LAVECO offices. In February of this year we opened our Hong Kong office. The management of LAVECO Ltd. have been watching the effervescence which typifies Hong Kong’s business life for some time now. For years, even decades Hong Kong has been one of the most significant business and financial centres not only in Asia, but also the world. The economic stability is excellent, capable of spanning recessions. The legal system is based on English common law, and the Chinese communist leadership have no intention of changing that, probably for decades. Hong Kong means a secure “island” for them, too, where east and west combine.

James Wong and his colleagues will be happy to help you in the office, and also provide services to all of the other members of the LAVECO Group. If you’re in Hong Kong, then pop in and see us. (The next edition of the LAVECO Newsletter will include a detailed feature on the benefits and business possibilities offered by Hong Kong).

Laveco Opens An Office In Hong Kong