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Open your business with Laveco Ltd.! We give you a complex service package to raise your business in the European Union.


Our widest and most complex range of services: Consulting, company registration, company administration, and accounting. We manage the companies we register at a high level. We provide the backdrop so you only have to deal with profit!


You almost have it all, but one thing missing? We will do it for you. With RECRUITMENT we take it to the next level and make sure to select the best suited candidates for your company.


You will definitely need at least one bank account for your business to operate. We have 29 years of experience in opening corporate and private bank accounts. With the help of our extensive network of contacts, we are sure to find the best possible solution for you and your company.


Searching for an office space? Or maybe for yourself or of your employees need a place to live? We can help you with that too. It can be a Registered Address, an Office Rental or Property Purchase, could be a simple accomodation, we can find you the most suited option.


LAVECO Ltd. was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts and providing services related to the support of the companies it has registered.
During this time, the company has acquired vast experience in this field and can provide customers with the highest level of professional services.
The ownership and management of the company have remained unchanged since its initial registration, a clear sign that the company provides correct and professional services.
LAVECO is not an intermediary – we register companies ourselves in the countries in which our offices are located.
LAVECO provides the services of professional accountants and lawyers, ready to work with clients from different countries.
We offer services such as the provision of real office space, visa support, and placement for customers.
Our staff speaks 8 languages, including Russian.
Through the services we provide, clients can create complex international corporate structures, which optimize taxation and can be managed extremely conveniently.
We have extensive experience working with intermediaries, providing them with competitive price levels and security of cooperation.


We provide…

  • Turn-key corporate solutions
  • Solution for remote registration
  • Ongoing corporate agent services
  • Tax advisory services


Nowadays, working with offshore companies is becoming increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible, as a result, it is necessary to choose between several jurisdictions that offer relatively low tax rates. Hungary is one such country.

Hungary: the LOWEST RATE of corporation tax in the EU

Hungary is the quickest solution for company registration and bank account opening.

We give you a full range of services without a personal visit:

  • Company formation with a registered address,
  • Current bank account in Hungary, 
  • VAT and tax registrations, 
  • Accounting and auditing services,
  • Remote registration procedure,
  • Multilingual staff! We speak in English and Russian as well

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We provide…

  • Finding the proper manager/director for your local company
  • Replacement of the foreign team to Hungary – working residency
  • Headhunting
  • HR services (legal advice, payroll)

We tend to find professionals of any industry who are in demand.

Job ads mainly attract unsuitable candidates. We do not address jobseekers but seek out honoured experts who have already proved their suitability. We complete the entire recruitment process from pre-screening to the interviews; testing foreign language skills, and career attitude, and only introduce the most suitable candidates to our clients

We use special channels to track down the best of the given industry, and motivate them to make a career move. We provide at least 3 months’ guarantee for the candidates we place.

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We provide:

  • corporate bank account in Hungary
  • private bank account in Hungary
  • accounts in payment providers

Opening a bank account in Hungary. Big Hungarian banks open bank accounts for Hungarian companies with foreign EU and non-EU owners. Banks are still rather liberal at the moment, BUT it is worth not to postpone a Hungarian company formation because the situation may change at any time. At the moment Hungary is the quickest solution for a company bank account opening.

In order to open and operate a corporate bank account in Hungary right after the incorporation, LAVECO Ltd. provides the company director until the actual owner is able to travel and undertake the company’s issues. It means that you don’t need to travel to Hungary because of the bank account opening.


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We provide:

  • registration address
  • mail forwarding services (delivery proxy)
  • finding office property for rent/purchase
  • finding residential property for rent/purchase (for management and staff)

Find out how we can help you across the spectrum of Business Real Estate property by exploring our full list of services. Alternatively, find out more about the specialist sectors we focus on. Our experienced team is on hand to help you with arranging all those added little extras that ensure you get settled in quickly.

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Why Laveco?

Why is it worth working with LAVECO?

FREE Consultation

in several languages with our experienced customer service staff.

Competitive prices!

Affordable, fixed, transparent prices.

Specialized in Bank account opening

through our wide range of banking relationships.

Continuous customer support

with 29 years of experience, even after company formation.

Up to date!

We keep track of any changes in international legislation at all times and keep our clients informed.

5 + 1 reasons to work with Laveco

29 years experience

with our international clients.

Multilingual staff

We speak 4 languages.

Company and bank account

in the same jurisdiction.

Legal solutions for all

for small, medium and large clients.

Complex Service Package

ahead of your competitors.

We provide the Highest level

of professional services & care.

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Laszlo Varadi

Laszlo Varadi

Managing Director of Laveco Ltd.

LAVECO Ltd. was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts, and providing services related to the support of the companies it has registered.

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