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IT Recruitment Agency

Providing complex services and business infrastructure including staffing placement for the companies we incorporate.
Let us handle your workforce challenges with a satisfaction guarantee. We will find the right tools and industry expertise to optimize your recruitment process to your satisfaction. 


Our Recruitment Team provides services tailored to fit your needs. We will help you overcome the lack of it professionals in the market. We will find you IT professionals to meet your requirements. If required we will train people to become IT professionals for your business needs.


Our recruitment team provides you with opportunities in finding the job that best suits you based on your knowledge and skills. Contact us to find the company, where you can be a part of a highly professional team and get your dream job.

So, You’d like to work…


we provide targeted IT employer solutions

The best partnerships with employees happen when you treat us as an extension of your employer.

finding for you the BEST EMPLOYERS

Looking for a new job? Would you like to go to the next level for your career?  Would you like to relocate and work for a foreign company?  Do you need career advice? Do you have any knowledge of the potential in Hungary where you may find your dream job? Just let us know and we will bring you together with the right employer. Job proposals and recruitment for potential job seekers are FREE of charge.


If you just think of the opportunity to change your workplace/city or country / of your career path / change your profession, or put simply; would you like to challenge yourself in another discipline and go beyond the ordinary? Then contact us. We would be happy to give you the best advice and consultancy that will help you to make the right decision.


WE FOCUS ON YOU and on your needs

On each step of your career path, will be with you. We will follow up each stage of your work. From the very beginning, you’ll be prepared for your interview, so you may focus on presenting yourself the best way without having to worry about the screening process. Are you happy or glad about something? Call us! Is something going wrong or has changed? Call us! 


Today you will find your best job opportunity, but we believe this can also give you a chance to consider building up your own business. As a job seeker today, you can transform yourself into a successful executive. We will be there for you as your constant partner and assist you in all matters of building up your own business infrastructure in Hungary.  You can set up your Hungarian based business, all the steps from A to Z.   


Professional remote or on-site IT recruitment and job placement. We work with a wide range of customers in Hungary and other jurisdictions in IT and related disciplines. These are reliable employers with transparent business policies, great opportunities for business development and you can become part of a dream team. When you apply for a job through us, you can be sure of a good placement suited to your skill strengths; you will have a clear and transparent picture of your future employer. We will prepare and guide you for an interview to emphasise your skills and talent.

Our highly qualified Recruitment Consultants, have vast professional networks and experience in recruitment, have extensive knowledge about the features of market sectors and specialities. They effectively and efficiently contact professionals, measure their abilities and competencies and are familiar with the requirement, corporate policies of potential employers as well as the local labour market regulations. We successfully bring together job seekers and professionals with potential employers.

Each talent is unique and we provide a flexible approach to each individual thereby maximising qualities employers seek. We would like to speak your language, keep a close eye on your plans and ideas about your future work and workplace. Laveco is always your partner in to the transformed IT labour market.


HR-Consultancy services

Have you found your ideal work (or business) opportunity in Hungary but not sure about your personal taxes, employee’s rights and obligations, local legislation or need a contractual legal opinion? Please contact us. We are experienced in the sphere of building up complete business infrastructures in Hungary and we will be glad to share our knowledge with you. We have a reliable partner chain of accountants, lawyers and other professionals who will provide you with a high-level consultancy. We work with a flexible consultancy fee.

relocation support

Relocation support for the it-workforce from outside the EU. We are your partner in the provision of the full spectrum of relocation for legal work in Hungary. If you would like to work and live in Hungary but are not sure how to start the process, we can provide you with a full range of services starting with the applications to the state authorities and finally finding you a residential property to live in.

We provide assistance in the following:

  • Communications with the local authorities,
  • Completion of your documents including a review providing quality assurance,
  • Preparation of labour contracts,
  • Consultation with a local accountant about your duties,
  • Finding the right property,
  • Opening of a personal bank account.

Moving to Hungary for employment will require you to undertake certain procedural steps. We will take care of this for you from the very beginning.  This is the beginning of our long-time partnership. You will have someone to rely on during your stay in Hungary.


In the next 5 steps, we’ll show you how the process works, with a special focus on what happens after you contact us.


We provide a FREE consultation about the possibilities to find the right job position for you from our existing customers and clients, searching to match your skillset with employers who have vacancies on the Hungarian market looking for Staff with your skills. Providing proposals upon your desired job description.


We will check the database of our current vacant positions, pre-screening existing jobs that may be of interest to you. Is your cv is tailored to any of the existing job offers? If yes, we will take you on to the next step. If not, your information will be saved in our database waiting for the right offer – we are sure someone will be looking for someone exactly like you!


We will arrange a skype or phone call in order to get to know you better through personal interaction. We will provide you with information about job opportunities to complement your desires and plans. If these two parts will meet, we will continue the process of recruitment with the goal of leading to a direct interview with the employer. Employers may request us to undertake the following on their behalf: screening, interviewing, reference check, relocation if required, preparation for the meeting with the employer, onboarding etc.


You will not be left alone.  When you start work with your new employer we will help you take care of your career path. We will seek your feedback including, your satisfaction with your new job and workplace, your career path, and provide you ongoing consultancy as you require.


Provision of ongoing services and support throughout your career path, giving you an opportunity of new professional challenges, provide you support if you decide to start your own business in Hungary in the future.

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