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IT Recruitment Agency

Providing complex services and business infrastructure including staffing placement for the companies we incorporate.
Let us handle your workforce challenges with a satisfaction guarantee. We will find the right tools and industry expertise to optimize your recruitment process to your satisfaction. 


Our Recruitment Team provides services tailored to fit your needs. We will help you overcome the lack of it professionals in the market. We will find you IT professionals to meet your requirements. If required we will train people to become IT professionals for your business needs.


Our recruitment team provides you with opportunities in finding the job that best suits you based on your knowledge and skills. Contact us to find the company, where you can be a part of a highly professional team and get your dream job.

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we provide Targeted IT Candidate Solutions  

Let us help you put together a customized solution that’s flexible and cost-effective.
Our database of candidates includes those experienced in Java, .NET, PHP, Python, HTML, and CSS as well as specialists in some of the hybrid professions of the dynamic nowadays (combination of technical and non-technical skills): accountants with IT skills, cybersecurity specialist, data scientists, etc.

WE FOCUS ON YOUR preferred IT team member, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

International Database

We work with an extensive and wide range of international network and national candidate database. All job seekers are interviewed and screened prior to the registration.

International Sourcing

We are one of the few recruitment companies with a team specifically dedicated to sourcing candidates from around the world, including top expatriate talent. The workforce market is borderless.


Targeted Search

We have a dedicated research team that continues to analyze the market to identify the most suitable talent for Small Enterprises to Large Business organisations.

Online Advertising / SM

We are working closely not only with internationally known social media platforms but also with those who work in a special IT sphere even in a certain region or thematic fields.  

IT Recruitment & Staff Placement

Professional remote or on-site IT recruitment and staff placement. Our full circle of recruiters serve roles of all levels in IT and IT-related industries. We ensure clients are able to select the right talent to work with their team. Our services are extremely efficient, resourceful, and reliable.

Our highly qualified Recruitment Consultants, have vast professional networks and experience in recruitment, have extensive knowledge about the features of market sectors and specialities. They effectively and efficiently contact professionals, familiarise themselves with their motivation and measure their abilities and competencies.

Businesses are unique which is why we provide a flexible approach since each business is one of a kind. We would like to speak your language, keeping a close eye on your calendar and your budget. LAVECOWORKING is your partner in the dynamic of the IT world. 

HR-Consultancy services

Our portfolio of services includes complex work around consulting, payroll services, and legislated support.  We are extremely knowledgeable on changing legislation and accounting matters in the field of the workforce. We want to see your business be successful, we take the human resources part of it.

We prepare labour contracts and provide legal advice in the sphere of human resources and employment law. We provide administration in personnel and payroll, development of terms and conditions of employment policy and work-related expenses scheme. We have the solutions for your successful workforce policy.


We understand the cultural differences between the jurisdiction of your business and other countries and can therefore assist you by recruiting the right employees even from a non-border country. There are no borders for successful workforce solutions.

We provide a full scope of administration in order to find the right candidate for your business (even) from abroad.

IT sphere is worldwide so there are no limitations for recruiting anymore.


In the next 5 steps, we’ll show you how the process works, with a specific focus on what happens after you contact us.


We provide you a free consultation to find the right candidate in our existing own database of IT specialists, searching for the right resume on international databases, and providing headhunting services tailored to the job description.


We work on a commission basis determined by a % from the candidate’s salary we recruit and you engage for your enterprise. Depending on the tasks required, we can provide different pricing offers for the services. Quotations are always flexible and negotiable to meet your particular circumstances.  We continually strive to keep you satisfied.


From searching for the right resume on different database up to scheduling interview of the selected individual. We source quality candidates to fill your vacancy. Cost-saving and time effective solutions for your business.


We like to have client feedback and follow up on the selected individuals who join your team, with an emphasis on candidates relocated from abroad.


Flexible and negotiable terms of cooperation to establish a solid base on which to build an ongoing, long-term business connection. 


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Experienced Team

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Complex Service Package

We offer turn-key solutions.

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Professional solutions for your business.

Up to date

We keep track of any changes in international legislation and market.


Reliable and trustworthy services.


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