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How to order a company from LAVECO Ltd
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5 reasons for choosing LAVECO:

  1. Free consultation in several languages with our experienced customer service staff.
  2. Affordable, fixed, transparent prices.
  3. Bank account opening possibilities through our wide range of banking relationships.
  4. Continuous customer support, with 25 years of experience, even after company formation.
  5. We keep track of any changes in international legislation at all times and keep our clients informed.

 When should I use the services of LAVECO Ltd.?

“Why should I use the services of LAVECO Ltd., when I can order most of them over the internet?” This is a question which many people ask themselves and, from time to time, the staff at LAVECO Ltd. as well.

Company formation and the related services (opening of bank accounts, administrative services etc.) are not static. If you order a book over the internet from an online bookshop, once you have made the payment it is delivered to your address. You open the parcel and can immediately start enjoying what you ordered.

In the course of company formation, numerous questions may arise which can only be resolved by a company which is at home in the details of the topic. This is where the staff al LAVECO Ltd. are able to offer that little bit more. With more than 20 years’ experience in the field of international company formation we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise which we are able to call upon continuously to save our clients both time and money.

Even at the time of selecting a jurisdiction we are able to guide our clients towards solutions which can save them several thousand dollars or Euros a year. An unnecessarily complicated or badly chosen product can lead to significant additional costs over the years. Or a client who tries to open a bank account “independently” may end up losing several months and paying considerable amounts in travel costs.

Consultation with the specialists at LAVECO Ltd. and the use of our services can avoid all this, and you can start up your business without having to worry about such problems. You can concentrate on your business affairs, while we take care of your corporate infrastructure.

Our knowledge and experience grows daily, and we also follow very closely the developments and changes in the international market. As a result, in the event of any possible changes in the future, we will still be able to help you choose the most suitable company for your requirements.