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After tomorrow there is August!

Indeed everybody is busy with their holiday all over Europe. Who wants to establish a company now, or to deal with such a business affair at the moment? Yes, of course, I understand. I have the same feeling…

LAVECO Ltd celebrates its 20 years anniversary in Cyprus in this year.  20 years ago, in 1999, when we established LAVECO Ltd-Cyprus, it seemed to be a good idea and it is, even until now.

For the registration of a holding company in the EU, Cyprus offers one of the best options even now…Yes, but now something different, the details about Cyprus holding companies I will describe here in September when everybody will be back to the business again.

Until this time, I would like to draw to your attention our short film, Naparfume, which we made with my friend, Sandor Nagy about a specific part of Cyprus, in Ayia Napa. I am sorry, this is not about the business, the film is about relaxation, entertainment because there is such a face of Cyprus also. Have a happy summer holiday and enjoy our film!

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LAVECO Ltd. was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts and providing services related to the support of the companies it has registered.

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