After tomorrow there is August! Indeed everybody is busy with their holiday all over Europe. Who wants to establish a company now, or to deal with such a business affairs at the moment?

Yes, of course, I understand. I have the same feeling…

LAVECO Ltd celebrates its 20 years anniversary in Cyprus in this year.  20 years ago, in 1999, when we established LAVECO Ltd-Cyprus, it seemed to be a good idea and it is, even until now. For the registration of  a holding company in the EU, Cyprus offers one of the best options even now…Yes, but now something different, the details about Cyprus holding companies I will describe here in September, when everybody will be back to  the business again.

Until this time, I would like to draw to your attention our shortfilm, Naparfume, wich we made with my friend, Sandor Nagy about a specific part of Cyprus, in Ayia Napa. I am sorry, this is not about the business, the film is about the relaxation, entertainment, because there is such a face of Cyprus also. Have a happy summer holiday and enjoy our film!