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Where are the good workers?

In our new blog, the Lavecoworking’s Managing Director writes about his experiences and opinion about the IT world. Why is it interesting? As the head of a global company group (Laveco Group)  Mr. Varadi has 30 years of experience in the employer and employee side. 

HR Blog – Asian people and the math part 4

In the previous part of our blog I came to the conclusion, that there are more good IT specialists in Asia, than in Europe or in the Western part of the world. I have discussed the 'brain drain' too. This process has continued for the least 40 years or so. These Asian...

HR Blog – Asian people and the math part 2

In the previous part of my blog, I wrote, that the Vietnamese students at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, were excellent at mathematics and became very good software developers. What is the situation today, 30 years later? The question is a bit different...

HR Blog – Asian people and the math

In 1988 we were the first students at Budapest University of Economic Sciences, to study Economics Theories by Samuelson-Nordhaus called the 'father of modern economics, in place of the usual teachings of Marx's theories of Political Economy and Macroeconomics. This...


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Laszlo Varadi

Laszlo Varadi

Managing Director of Laveco Ltd. & Lavecoworking Ltd.

Company formation specialist, major shareholder, and managing director the organization and management of staff in offices in Hungary & Cyprus.

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