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Your thrustworthyTax efficient European & overseas Company.

SPECIAL OFFER! A company with a bank account in Hungary within 15 days!

Hungary is the quickest solution for company registration and bank account opening.

We give you a full range of services without a personal visit:


  • Company formation with a registered address,
  • Current bank account in Hungary, 
  • VAT and tax registrations, 
  • Accounting and auditing services,
  • Remote registration procedure,
  • Multilingual staff! We speak in English and Russian as well!

Low tax company in 15 days: Choose your Jurisdiction

Learn how your peers have successfully built their own tax and financial services business with our proven system.

Why should you ask a proffessional for your

Offsore banking solutions

  • Very few banks are open to offshore accounts, and those who do now want to close a significant number of existing accounts, even for old, well-established clients.
  • Banks no longer open accounts for “every” company.
  • Banks are not willing to open accounts for just any type of activity. Most “sensitive” activities are rejected straight away.
  • Compliance departments have been given immeasurable power, and their judgement of applications is not based on commercial factors.
  • The banks’ terms and conditions are constantly changing; very often the Compliance department don’t even explain the changes to their colleagues within the bank, and nobody takes the clients’ interests into account.

Psssst! there are much more services we offer!

Laveco’s other solutions

  • documentary services
  • accounting and auditing services
  • second passport and residency programs
  • real estate services for foreigners (rental and sale also)
  • HR services for start-up companies

LAVECO BLOG - from the managing director's desk

Learn which solutions are the best for your new offshore & low tax company formation in Europe and Hong Kong as well as handy info on bank account opening & more…

5 + 1 reasons to work with Laveco

Why is it worth working with LAVECO? 

29 years experience

with our international clients.

Multilingual staff

We speak 8 languages.

Company and bank account

in the same jurisdiction.

Special prices

for intermediaries.

Legal solutions for all

for small, medium and large clients.

We provide the Highest level

of professional services & care.

Free consultancy

Learn how your peers have successfully built their own tax and and financial services business with our proven system.



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LAVECO Ltd. was established in 1991, in Hungary, and since then has been registering and administering companies in Hungary and other countries, opening bank accounts and providing services related to the support of the companies it has registered.

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