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As we’ve written earlier, in 2024 Hungary is relaunching its Guest Investor Program, also known as the Golden Visa program, under which one can obtain residency in Hungary for 10+10 years for yourself and your family by investing in real estate in Hungary.

Now we would like to share some additional insights into this incredible opportunity!

So, what is the Guest Investor Program in Hungary?

The Guest Investor Program in Hungary, often referred to as the Golden Visa program, aims to attract third-country nationals whose investments significantly benefit the national economy. By investing in Hungary, you not only contribute to its growth but also gain the opportunity for residency in this vibrant European country. Applicants may select one of the following options: either invest €250,000 in a Real Estate Investment Fund, purchase a property for at least €500,000, or make a non-refundable donation of €1 million to a Public Trust.

What is the application process of Hungary’s Golden Visa?

Applications for the residence permit must be submitted within Hungary. Whether you’re already in Hungary with a (1) guest investor visa or (2) entering visa-free, you have 93 days from your entry date to make the selected investment and submit your application.

You have two convenient options for application submission:

  • Electronic Submission: using the Enter Hungary platform, for which in most of the cases it is advisable to entrust an attorney.
  • In-Person Submission: visiting the competent regional directorate of Immigration authorities based on your place of accommodation.

Which are the mandatory documents for your Application?

To ensure that your application is processed smoothly, make sure you have the complete list of required documents and submit them all, including:

  • the relevant application form for Golden Visa
  • documents proving the purpose of residence
  • proof of means of subsistence in Hungary
  • documentation confirming your accommodation arrangements in Hungary
  • health insurance documents
  • proof of meeting exit conditions
  • any other required on the specific case documents
  • one facial photograph.

In addition to the submission, applicants will need to cover administrative fees. It’s important to mention that part of the application process involves providing a facial photograph and fingerprint.

What is the processing time of the application?

The application process is very quick, it will be processed within 21 days, ensuring a swift response to your residency request.

Stay tuned to our posts for further details on Hungary’s Golden Visa program. In our upcoming publications, we will provide more information on the specific supporting documents that can be attached to your application

Invest in Hungary and Secure Your Future!

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