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Navigating the application process for a residence permit in Hungary can be complex, but ensuring you have all the mandatory attachments/enclosures can streamline your approval. In addition to the completed application form and appendix for a residence permit based on investments in Hungary, as well as payment of the administrative service fee (110 EUR), you need to include several documents when submitting to the immigration authorities. Here’s a quick guide to help you prepare your documents:

1. Proof of Purpose of Residence:

Investment Certification:

Option A: Certificate from a Hungarian National Bank-registered real estate fund manager or distributor, confirming an investment fund share of EUR 250,000, maintained for at least 5 years.

Option B: Sale and purchase contract for a Hungarian residential property worth at least EUR 500,000, registered in the Land Registry, and free of encumbrances. Ownership restrictions apply for 5 years.

Option C: Certification from a higher education institution of a financial donation of at least EUR 1,000,000 to support educational, research, or artistic activities.

2. Proof of Accommodation in Hungary:

Documents proving ownership, a lease contract, accommodation by courtesy, or a reservation confirmation with payment.

3. Proof of Exit Conditions:

A valid passport to ensure conditions for return or onward travel are met.

4. Additional Requirements:

A recent facial photograph.

Submittion of the Application in Hungary is possible in two ways:

Online: Use the Enter Hungary platform for electronic submission.

In Person: Visit the NDGAP regional directorate corresponding to your place of accommodation.

However, if your attorney-in-fact is a legal representative or a legal entity, you must submit your application through the Enter Hungary platform.

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