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In the previous part of my blog, I wrote, that the Vietnamese students at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, were excellent at mathematics and became very good software developers. What is the situation today, 30 years later? The question is a bit different now, how good software developers are the Asians, as many multinational companies transferred its IT departments, or some parts, outsourced to Asian countries. If we examine the results of international student mathematics Olympic games, we can notice very interesting trends. By the results of the last 30 years, the big countries lead in these games. The leading country is China, followed by the USA and former Soviet Union and then Russia. The ‘famous’ India is only in the middle and very rarely placed in the upper 10 winner countries. Much more successful is Vietnam, being in the first 10 best countries, or even in the first 5 ones. What is a surprise, the Iranian students, are very often placed in the first 10 best countries. Two countries, North and South Korea are also among the 10 top countries, having a competition with each other. Singapore has became really successful in the last 3 years. Being a Hungarian, I was looking for our students in this competition. The result is not bad, comparing with our country’s size internationally. Hungarians were in the best 10 countries 2-3 times. However 2 Central-European countries, Romania and Bulgaria are much better in the competition than Hungarians. Especially Bulgaria which is quite strong in mathematics. Are the Asians good software developers or not, considering that the software development is based on mathematics?