In the previous part of my blog I have discussed the question: are Asians good at mathematics and I came to the conclusion, that this is a false question and certainly there is, no general answer to this question. Asia is a huge continent having 4 billion people, 8-9 times more inhabitants than Europe, or 10 times more  than the USA. The countries of Asia differ very much from each other. China is the absolute leader in the mathematics student Olympic games. So, China has a lot of good software developers at country level. India is not so successful at these mathematics games, however, as India is a former British colony and the Indians can connect to the international IT industry easier as their level of English language knowledge is much better than the Chinese specialist , and India is not as closed a country as China. However, if we examine the people who were in the leader teams of the USA in the mathematics Olympic games, we see many Chinese and ex-Soviet origin students among the team members, and this is closely followed by teaching staff. It shows that the borderlines of Asia are much more relative to this continent and ‘produce’ the majority of IT specialists in the world, but the USA is really successful in attracting IT specialists – often creating an Asian ‘brain drain’. That is a huge paradox and creates an unbalanced situation. The USA has a lot of good universities teaching IT, however, Asia produce so many IT specialists, bearing the cost of the studies. The USA in attracting the best IT brains to their country and can benefit from this process. Frankly speaking, USA is a profit centre and Asia is a cost centre in the IT sector. As the last 3 decades have showed: in our life everything depends on IT developments….