In the previous part of our blog I came to the conclusion, that there are more good IT specialists in Asia, than in Europe or in the Western part of the world. I have discussed the ‘brain drain’ too. This process has continued for the least 40 years or so. These Asian countries training and producing IT experts are also bearing much of the cost of the training that are then targeted by the Western ‘head hunter’ companies that take the profit derived from employment placement for themselves. In spite of the fact that many processes are outsourced to the countries in Asia, first of all to India, and where  it sounds more prestigious to have a contract for and on behalf of a ‘western company’, from the USA, UK, or Ireland. The today’s world is like this, brand oriented and based on stereotypes in so many cases. However the successful people and companies managed by them, could bypass these stereotypes and to focus on the end result. It does not matter how good a student was as an IT specialist in his childhood and during University Studies in Mathematics in New York, or in Bangladesh. What has relevance is, the actual productivity of the IT person, and positive results of the last projects in the portfolio. The world has became much faster in the last decade in all aspects of software and the IT profession segment too, we are looking for very specialized software developers day-by-day. The ‘generalist’ in this field have become entrepreneurs or managers. But they are the minority. The vast majority of the IT experts are specialized in a certain segment of software or application development.